International Player Integration

International player integration support by Fit across Cultures

International Player Integration- What’s in it for the club?

  • Engaged, integrated players show better performance.
  • Integrated foreign players carry your club brand into their home country.
  • Significantly lower your risk of lost investment by minimizing homesickness/ culture shock effects on foreign players (and their families).
  • Create second revenue stream through well-developed foreign players in your Academy.
  • International Player Integration- How can we help?

    Fit across Cultures consists of a team of fully trained professionals with long-term experience in transition management, integration of foreign staff, sports psychology, mental coaching, sports management, and international project consulting. Our team members have experience in different professional sports, and bring international work experience to any club and youth academy that sees the value in supporting their players in the best possible way. We believe in a player development strategy that expands beyond the athletic. We believe in a professional, fully supporting international player integration.
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    Do you need help with your international player integration processes?

    We offer two solutions

    Full Service Package

    Customized full support and training for the international player and family during all stages of the transition process of the international player’s transfer to a foreign academy or club

    Can include but is not limited to:
    – Cultural Training
    – Language courses
    – Spouse support
    – Mental Coaching

    Needs Assessments & Consulting

    Assessing and consulting on the internal structures and processes that need to be put in place for efficient and successful international player integration

    Can include but is not limited to:
    – Advice on the preparation and logistics of receiving an international player
    – Setting up a buddy system
    – Training staff/volunteers/host families on receiving a foreign player
    – Cultural Intelligence workshops for club and coaching staff

    Advice from experienced athletes and coaches on international player integration

    Learn about the cultural differences. Realize you need to bring your culture into the new team, but that you may have to adjust accordingly if you want to make the most difference. - U.S. American pro volleyball player
    You will always have a daily learning experience when you play or coach abroad. - Argentinian football coach
    Have an open mind with new experiences and immerse yourself into the culture. How you feel off the court and how comfortable you are affects your performance as an athlete, in my opinion. - British basketball player
    I would say that the first month is extremely difficult, there will be a big transition period of dealing with a new culture, language, being far from family and friends. and just having to be more independent. However, all of the overwhelming emotions that come with these challenges will pass once you become more acclimated to everything. Having someone support you during this time is essential.- U.S. American basketball player
    Make sure you have a lot of people to help you along the way. The process is very stressful if done alone. - U.S. American basketball player
    To be open to new challenges, to be yourself, not to feel sad even if it seems to take time to get in to your new team and get to know your new teammates. To feel confident: they wanted you to play for them because you are good.- Finnish ice hockey player