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Susan and her team offer athletes, coaches, and others several individual services to optimize performance, develop a long-term career strategy, be mentally strong and perform well in an international setup.

Specific coaching offers:

  • Mental coaching, geared at international athletes that are struggling with mental and/or performance issues abroad
  • Career coaching, geared at athletes that are creating a long-term plan for their career after their active sports days
  • Transition coaching, targeting athletes that are currently transitioning from student to pro athlete life, from domestic to international athlete life, or during retirement from active pro days
  • Cross-Cultural coaching- specific coaching services for those moving abroad to help the international integration processes and culture shock
  • In case you are still wondering, read our article on what coaching is all about and the top 5 myths about cross-cultural coaches.

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    After my third season abroad, I turned to Susan for mental coaching as I was facing burnout and frustration from a season where I struggled mentally. She was able to help me breakdown what happened, what I wanted to change, and the steps to get me there. I am ready to tackle my next season as I have gained confidence from reaching out and making the necessary changes. Susan's services are unique because she has lived this life and can relate to the struggles and mishaps that can happen over here. I am so thankful for her guidance and only wish I would have utilized this service earlier!- Kathleen Gates, U.S. American pro volleyball player in France
    The life of a professional athlete is full of decisions to be made. Looking back I remember how overwhelming it was to make some of the choices that would determine my future as an athlete, namely, deciding what professional combines to attend, choosing an agency that would suit my needs, and of course, choosing a team to represent. Susan didn't make the decisions for me; instead, she helped me realize something far more important—my priorities not just as an athlete, but also as a citizen and as an individual with unique aspirations and goals.<br /> Being coached by Susan was paramount in making the decisions I knew were best for me within the oftentimes confusing midst of professional sports. It is her own experience as an athlete and living overseas, as well as her background in psychology, that give Susan the expertise needed to coach and bring value to those whom she helps. More importantly, it is her open-mindedness and her ability to listen that separates her from the rest.<br /> Communicating with her was never a problem—our Skype calls were planned in advance and even though they happened in different time zones, Susan did her best to keep a flexible schedule that would work for me. She is always one email away, whatever the question may be. At times, when life overseas became rough, I reached out to her as if to a friend of mine who I knew would give me the right advice, and she would respond as such: trying to help me through whatever I was struggling with.<br /> Navigating the realm of professional sports can be a very intense, even overwhelming experience. Thankfully, there are resources available for professional athletes to be helped along the way. Having a coach, specially as we are starting out, can make or break the experience of an athlete. Working with Susan, I was guaranteed the help of someone whose knowledge was greater than mine and, more importantly, someone who I knew had my best interest in mind.- Inma Zanoguera, Spanish former pro/ NCAA Div I basketball player in the U.S. and Italy

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