Offers For Professional Athletes

Manage Your Career Transitions
Set up a Successful International Career

Do you have a plan for your career beyond your athletic days?

We offer career coaching and international career development for athletes in between contracts or post-active career options. Think about your options: How can you leverage your active athlete days? What other passions do you want to pursue in your life? What do you need to do to set yourself up for success once you retire as a professional athlete?

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Do you need support and information to adapt to life abroad?

We offer solutions to set you up for international success. Learn about your new culture and develop your cultural intelligence. Become a flexible, adaptable player that can succeed in different environments, coaching styles, and countries. Develop global leadership skills that will help your post-active career.

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Retreat for Professional Athletes

Mingle with like-minded pro athletes and explore your entrepreneurial side. Morning workshops, afternoon activities and enough time to enjoy the scenery, food, and network for business.

Athletes in Virtual Internships

Interested in gaining practical work experience while still playing? Join AVIP and work on a 3-4 months virtual project, from start to finish. Mentoring with a business partner included.