Our Approach

What is our training approach?

At Fit Across Cultures we believe in interactive, collaborative training methods (face-to-face, or virtual),that fit your specific situation. We believe that you create deeper learning outcomes by experiencing situations rather than studying them in a book. Through interactive exercises, simulations, games and other tools, you will develop your intercultural fitness. But it takes practice, just like growing a muscle. To maximize your performance, results, and positive intercultural experiences, we ensure a follow-up to check on your progress as part of our training approach.

We emphasize customization. Not one organization, team or athlete is alike, so why offer standardized training packages? Through interviews with your or other key stakeholders, we aim to identify the top challenges you are facing, and systematically design a training that incorporates methods and content to help you overcome these issues. We use interactive, collaborative training methods that stir away from presentation overkill and disengaged participants.

A typical 5-step process for a training session (1-2 days up to a week):

  1. Pre-training Analysis (Interview with Key Stakeholder/s, Questionnaires)
  2. Training Development and Design based on your key challenges, your case studies (if available), and your future vision
  3. The Actual Training/Seminar/Presentation
  4. Immediate Evaluation/Feedback
  5. Follow Up with Participants and Key Stakeholder/s after a few weeks/months (depending on the timeline agreed upon)

Example Workshops:

  • 1-2 day culture-specific training session for athletes/coaches moving abroad (e.g., a German player moving to China)
  • 1 day culture-specific training session for children (e.g., two children of a French athlete moving to Denmark)
  • Intercultural Team workshop (e.g., establishing effective, interculturally sensitive, communication strategies for a multicultural teams; Intercultural training for a pro basketball team with a culturally diverse team rooster)
  • Diversity & Inclusion seminars (e.g., 4 hr workshop for HR employees on the effects of unconscious bias on recruitment practices)
  • Intercultural Webinars (e.g. 4 hr virtual session on virtual team management for sports agents across different cultures; intercultural coach-the-coach session))