Our Team

Our Mission

We believe in maximizing the international athlete experience to reach the fullest potential. Our focus is to make sure that athletes are looked at as more than just statistics and sponsoring deals. Simply put, giving all pro athletes a sustainable career while getting the most out of their time.

Organizations and sports clubs need to cater that growing demand of player development opportunities for athletes. We bring you the framework you need to leverage diversity, provide your athletes with development opportunities,  and become a thought leader in the sports industry.

We want you to be the global leader you can be!

Our Name

Fit Across Cultures, first of all, represent our human need for belonging. The need to fit in. In times of globalization, fitting in and adapting across cultures, within a new culture or by including other cultures in our own are vital skills for success.

But Fit Across Cultures also stands for a high level of mental fitness that is necessary to thrive in a global environment. Cultural intelligence is shown to play a large role in performance of multicultural teams and the success of global leadership. We constantly need to switch and adapt our styles to a specific situation without losing our own. Cultural fitness can be compared to physical fitness in the sense that if we don’t start training (observing, learning, and being open to our environment), we will not achieve our results.

How will you become fit across cultures?

Meet the Maker

Susan Salzbrenner

CEO and Lead Consultant

Susan is an organizational psychologist (M.A.) and a certified intercultural trainer and consultant. She supports teams, (future) global leaders and organizations to navigate complex environment and change. Susan has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as sports clubs and international sporting associations, spoken at conferences and published articles and academic papers on the topic of intercultural communication, cultural intelligence in sports, diversity & inclusion strategy, unconscious bias, and international project management.
She started her passion for sport at the age of three with gymnastics and ballet, and was introduced to basketball during an exchange year in a U.S. high school. Susan helps international athletes remain focused and achieve their fullest performance potential abroad as a mental and career coach.
She has lived and worked in six different countries (Germany, USA, Australia, Denmark, China and France), traveled extensively around the globe, learned (and failed at) many languages, and played basketball along the way. She is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our Associates and Partners

Nadine Verschelden

Global Consultant- Languages and Intercultural Training

Nadine specializes in intercultural management and foreign languages training. Nadine is Belgian, graduated from the University of Louvain and the Paris Dauphine University in Organisational Management, with focus on Intercultural Management. She is also certified by Richard Barrett & Ass as a Change Agent and by York Associates to use the Developing People Internationally method. As a polyglot, she supports international development efforts of private companies, trains top managers and graduate students in Dutch, English, Intercultural Management, and prepares for the TOEFL-TOEIC exams. A former Belgian Judo Champion, she used to train children and teenagers. Overall, sport is a family concern : her father was a basketball coach, two of her children are also professional athletes in Horse Show Jumping and Basketball and another of her sons won the Austrian Rugby Championship. Nadine is currently based in Paris, France, where she runs her company AÏDEMO Consulting

Nick Romeijn

Youth Academy Work

Nick Romeijn has a background as a cultural anthropologist and graduated with a research in Culture, Organization and Management on the social and cultural influences on talent development in collaboration with professional Dutch football academies. His interest in social and cultural topics surrounding sport and talent development were reinforced during living experiences in Europe, Asia, South America, The Caribbean and North America for work and as a student.

He’s currently traveling around the world to work for and advice youth academies of professional sport organizations within the social fields of talent development.

Jennifer Ebermann

Global Consultant - Communication & Mindfulness

Jennifer is an international, innovative and visionary Senior Communications, Marketing and Leadership Development Professional, with a background in sports, both working for the Anti-Doping Organization as well as non-profit organizations using sports as vehicle for change.

With a track-record in successful multicultural, cross-functional and virtual team management, Jennifer drives stakeholders whilst leveraging relationships at all levels.

Being a professional coach/trainer with a special focus on intercultural communication and mindful leadership as well as holding a certificate in mediation, Jennifer is currently living in Switzerland, lake Geneva region.

Edwin Draughan

Financial Literacy and Investment

Edwin Draughan is founder and chief advisor at Diesel Financial, LLC, a financial planning firm which specializes in maximizing the wealth potential of professional athletes domestic and abroad. His experience of being a former professional basketball player allows him to understand not only the financial aspect of being a pro athlete, but also the lifestyle and culture.

Edwin graduated from Yale University in 2005 and thereafter played professional basketball in Switzerland, Hungary and France. He continued his education while working overseas by obtaining his PFP (Personal Financial Planning) distinction through the University of California, Irvine, as well as passing his Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination. Edwin is currently based near Los Angeles, USA.

Line Mørkbak/Moerkbak

Global Consultant - Global (virtual) Teams

Line Mørkbak is an experienced senior business consultant who is passionate about developing and facilitating practical learning solutions that empower change within teams and organizations. As a Global Management Consultant she brings a wealth of applied knowledge in experiential learning from her work with European and North American clients. Line is a strong believer in co-creations within teams. She helps global and local teams utilize their cultural mix, and encourages dispersed teams to harness productivity through engaged virtual collaboration. Line has spoken at venues around the world including the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research Conference, ATD Cascadia Conference, the Nordic Business Council, and various seminars at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
She is currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Charles Bennett

Legal Advice

Charles Bennett is the CEO and Executive Director of the International Basketball Players Association. The IBPA helps international basketball players and agents to collect money from international teams, including arbitrating claims with the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal in Switzerland. Charles graduated from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, cum laude, in May 2014 and passed the Texas Bar in 2014. He also played professional basketball in Europe from 2001 to 2008 in Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, and Turkey. Charles is an attorney at Ted  B. Lyons & Associates. He is currently based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Hannah Lambeck

Global Consultant - Intercultural Communication

Hannah Lambeck has experienced the exciting side of living abroad as well as the challenges that come with it. Over the last ten years she has lived in the Netherlands, USA, Canada, and Peru. In Germany she played tennis on a competitive level and joined the varsity high school team in the US. She also played basketball in Germany, the US, the Netherlands, Canada and Peru.
Hannah has a background in international communication and is a certified intercultural business trainer and moderator (DGIKT). She is working with expats and international teams to share her experience and support others to make themselves at home in a new cultural (working) environment. Hannah is currently based in Cologne, Germany.

Holona Lui

Global Consultant - Global Leadership

Holona Lui is a director of Catalyst Pacific,a New Zealand-based learning and development consultancy with a specialist focus on intercultural communications. His international sports experience includes Manager of: the 2013 New Zealand Senior Men’s Water Polo team at the FINA World championships and at the Asia-Oceania FINA Water Polo World League; the 2012 NZ Junior Men’s Team at the FINA Youth World championships and more than six years as Manager of the NZ Secondary Schoolboys’ team.

He has an adult daughter and two adult sons who have both represented NZ in Water Polo, one of whom has played professionally in Hungary. He has also coached 1st rugby with three players achieving national honours.

Holona is a certified EXCELL (Excellence in Cultural Experiential Learning and Leadership) facilitator, currently based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Grant Hall

Global Consultant - International Events

Grant Hall is the Founder and CEO of League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD), an international event management and consulting agency that specialises in cultural diplomacy and cultural engagement.
Grant has over twenty years’ event management experience and has coordinated hundreds of cultural events and initiatives, from small corporate VIP functions through to orchestral concert tours and large festivals. From Adelaide in South Australia, Grant holds a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management, a Graduate Certificate in Art History and a Diploma of Music. He has lived and worked in Australia, Vietnam, Canada and Northern Ireland. He is currently based in Vietnam.