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Become an inclusive organization that represents customers, employees, and leader in their diversity. Be a leader of inclusion.

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Establish trust through communication. Work as a winning team while taking advantage of the diverse background and skills.

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(Future) Global Leaders

Kick-start your international career and maximize your opportunities abroad. Make the most out of all these life transitions.

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Let’s fix this reality…

Athletes dreaming of an international sports career71%
Athletes reporting challenges adapting and integrating abroad90%
Athletes abroad receiving professional support7%

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Online Summit for Athletes

Mingle with like-minded pro athletes and develop skills beyond the athletic. In collaboration with Beyond Athletic and Ryan Jay Owens, we hosted the first ever online summit for athletes called Athleteblab.

Play Abroad 101 Community

If you are a professional athlete currently playing overseas or are looking to make your way abroad, check out the book and other (free) resources at our other site: Play abroad 101

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